What Matters


We all know that change is inevitable, but as the saying goes, there’s the change we want and the change we don’t want. Accepting change means embracing all of it, recognizing that all things come and go, and allowing our energy to focus on what we can control, while letting the rest be, and no longer being stuck in the push and pull (I want this, I don’t want that) with the reality of “what is.” I used to use the term “let it go” until I realized that a lot of things that I thought I let go of didn’t get the memo, and they were still there! Instead, “let it be” allows me to no longer interact with these harmful old ideas or habits, while recognizing that they might still be lurking around!

The path towards really showing up as our best potential self first requires self awareness; finding out who is here and exploring our inner life. It’s a process of abandoning harmful old habits and adopting new ones, slowly changing into the person who we were destined to become. Through embracing this change with openness, curiosity and a bit of humor, we can wake up to see midlife as an open playing field full of optimism and possibility.

Explore these topics below to create the path of change towards your own awakening. I can’t wait to connect with you and accompany you on your journey.

Midlife Sexual Wellness

Midlife sexual wellness

The transformative potential of midlife comes when we reframe aging and celebrate the wisdom that our experience has given us. Far from the depressing end of being sexy and relevant in this culture that glorifies youth, midlife is a miraculous time when we can finally be free to be ourselves and discover a deeper sexual connection than ever before.


Spiritual wellness

Did you know that women with a fuller spiritual life also report a more satisfying sex life, and score higher on well-being indices? As a traditionally trained doctor, I was taught to focus on vital signs and physical symptoms, ignoring my patients’ feelings of holistic wellness.


Relational wellness

Almost all of us wish for more fulfilling relationships. But are we willing to do what it takes to change? With the wisdom earned in midlife, we can finally wake up to the realization that great relationships are NOT made by fixing other people – they are made by learning to know and love ourselves, and letting go of the need to control others.