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After more than 20 years as an expert in women’s health and more than 50 years as a woman, I can tell you with absolute certainty that our best life doesn’t have to end at 50, 60, or any age. The truth is that life, including our sexual life, has the potential to become richer and fuller with each moment that we are blessed to be alive. Come on a journey with me to find out how.

Midlife Sexual Wellness

Midlife sexual wellness

Come with me and find out what actually works if we want to have a happier, more exciting and connected intimate life as we grow older. Through my own experience and research, I can share that it has almost nothing to do with science or medicine and everything to do with the spiritual world: finding and acting from the best version of ourselves by cultivating self-awareness, letting go of old habits and resentments, being mindful, present and paying attention…and sensing the amazing possibility of midlife.

Understanding that
your journey is just beginning


Personal Growth, Mindfulness & Coaching

What if there was nothing wrong with you and nothing needed to be fixed? Becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t require “fixing” anything- it is simply uncovering what is already there by shedding harmful old habits and carefully adopting new ones. It’s learning to be present in this moment and to approach life from a position of abundance and gratitude, no matter your circumstances will transform your relationship with yourself and others. My teacher, Vinny Ferraro, shared “I used to think there was something missing in my life, but it turns out that all that was missing was my presence.” Connect with me and start your path towards inner peace and contentedness.


Note of the week


“If we want a different world – well being for everyone – we must work to uproot the seeds of racism within ourselves. We must adapt to the practices until we see more clearly how our own prejudices form habits of bias that can cause harm. We must be committed to a deeper collective awareness of the ethical dimensions in our lives – only by caring for others can we be a guiding presence in a more socially just and awake world.

This is our practice.”
– Chris Crotty