Relational Wellness

Texas - Let's Mind Our Own Business

The crux of the matter seems to be disagreement about when a human has rights, and when it doesn’t. If my right to do what I want is limited...

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Spice Up Your Sex Life By Telling the Truth (in bed)

Well, it may sound obvious, but the fact is that very few us tell the truth. Perhaps we don’t lie (much), but we withhold, manipulate, spin, exaggerate and otherwise...

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couple pillow fighting

When Did Sex Turn From Fun Into Work?

Not only is it possible to transform back into having a healthy relationship with sex, where sex is fun and something that you would rather do then just about...

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Getting Real About My "Perfect" Family

It's also incredibly scary to publicly admit that you and your family are not perfect, and that any suggestion otherwise is an illusion. So… because I talk about walking...

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Dr. Susan's Sitdown with Dominique Sachse

Dominique Sachse. Dr. Susan. One big conversation that’s open, honest, and full of tidbits I’ve been dying to share with you.


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What Do I Stand For?

With just a little more than a month until the general election, I have been reflecting on some questions that don’t always have easy answers. This will be the...

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Three Steps to Balance Your Relationship

Restoring or creating balance in an intimate relationship is vital if you want to maximize your intimacy, peace and happiness. While creating balance is complex and multifaceted, these are...

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On Racism and Women's Health

As I reflect on the events of these past two weeks, I feel drawn to share the story of my own journey with racism, and how this ties in...

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From Wanting to Willing

What if I told you that women could have the best sex of our lives after 45, or even after 65, and that I have the science to prove...

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The One Best Thing for Your Kids

Put down your phone. I know, we all do it, but interacting with your phone instead of your kids damages relationships and sends powerful messages about the importance we...

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The Thread of Life

It’s been an amazing life so far. As scattered as it sometimes seemed, the thread that travels through everything is a genuine love of people and a deep desire...

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Tattoos andMotorcycles

There were two things I told myself and others they should never ever do- get a tattoo and ride a motorcycle. About a year ago, I got my...

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