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What is Codependence, and Do I Have It?
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Women’s Circle

Awake women’s circle

Join me and an intimate group of women aged 40-plus who are interested in waking up to our ultimate potential. Come prepared to be real, be open, be challenged and to grow! The AWC is a place where you can be yourself and share life’s joys and challenges with like-minded women in a confidential, safe space. Choose a monthly in-person group in Houston TX on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm (note: this has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19), or a monthly online group on the fourth Thursday of the month through Zoom at 6:30pm central. Meetings are offered without charge and last 60-90 minutes.

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Ending Codependence

Stop trying to control others and start taking care of yourself. I talked about this in a recent episode of Dr. Susan, What Is Codependence and Do I Have It, and most women I’ve talked to haven’t realized how co-dependent they have been!

Women’s Circle Past Event

What’s Truly Sexy

This month, I want to focus on what’s truly sexy – whether you’re single or partnered, for our Women’s Circle on Thursday, August 27th. As I discuss in my video, only 4 out of 10 women find satisfaction from vaginal intercourse, so the majority of us women may find this to be a very productive conversation.

Women’s Circle Past Event

Finding Balance In Our Relationships

This month, we’re digging into how communication, boundaries, and balance play a role in our own struggles with codependence. Whether you’re feeling too codependent, or maybe not codependent enough, we want to talk about what may be contributing to that.