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Midlife sexual wellness

The transformative potential of midlife comes when we reframe aging and celebrate the wisdom that our experience has given us. Far from the depressing end of being sexy and relevant in this culture that glorifies youth, midlife is a miraculous time when we can finally be free to be ourselves and discover a deeper sexual connection than ever before. After 20 years as a gynecologist, I have learned that our sexual being is always present no matter how old we are, although too often she is hidden. Through my research and my book “Sexually Woke,” I set out on a mission to create the map to rediscover our innate sexy potential in midlife and beyond. Let me help you reconnect with one of our most vital sources of joy and intimacy. Your true sexy self is inside, patiently waiting to be born.

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The Book

Sexually woke

Why do some women over 40, or over 60, have the joyful sexual energy of a 20-year-old, while most of us feel our libido slipping away? Our culture tells that women over 50 are not sexy, not relevant, and are on a sexual downhill march to the grave. My own experience as a menopausal woman combined with extensive research blows the lid off this harmful cultural myth. Let me introduce you to the “Sexually Woke”- women in midlife who are having the best sex of their lives- and teach you how to wake up to the time of your life as well.

Talk of the week

3 Sexual Anatomy Lessons You And Your Sexual Partner Need to Know

It’s important to remember that our partners are encumbered with the same gap in knowledge about female anatomy as we are. The best, and only way to teach our partners what we really want is to practice on ourselves. Spoiler alert! Self-stimulation is not only useful, it’s vital. You can’t teach tennis without playing tennis. And you can’t teach your partner how to pleasure you without knowing how to do it yourself first.



Talks to awaken your sexy-self and challenge the status quo.

Sex and Intimacy Part II

April 27, 2020

Sex and Intimacy During COVID-19

April 7, 2020

Women’s circle

Midlife sexual wellness

My wish for you is that you will put yourself first, without guilt, and recognize that women are leaders in our families and our culture, and we deserve to be honored. YOU deserve to be honored. If you pushed a baby out of your vagina, had one cut out of your abdomen, or even just had periods every month for years to carry our species forward, kudos to you.



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