My hope is to share with you all that I have learned through my years of research to help you to have a better, more vibrant and fulfilling life. Connect with me on my coach page to see how we can work together towards that goal.


Finding what’s true has always been a driver of mine. Having an idea then deeply questioning it to see if it holds up is exciting, and the idea that I could add something new to the world gives me purpose. In medical school, I was involved in numerous research projects mainly because I had to. They weren’t mine, I didn’t choose them, and there wasn’t much to get passionate about.

My first original idea that got me really fired up was in residency, where we were required to complete an original research project. I had been horrified at the routine performance of newborn circumcision without any type of anesthesia, and as a resident often I was the surgeon. Watching these one-day-old baby boys vomit and turn blue trying to catch their breath while screaming in pain made me question what on earth we were doing. “This is just the way it’s done,” I was told, and “they won’t remember it.” Realizing that this experience must have long-lasting effects on the baby’s perception of this brand new world and that we wouldn’t do surgery on a pet without anesthesia, I set out to study a safe form of local anesthesia which proved to be highly successful. The study was published in 1998 and was largely responsible for the American Academy of Pediatrics’ current position of recommending anesthesia for all routine circumcisions, and hospitals all over the country changing their practices.

For many years in private non-academic practice, my research became more personal, just seeing what worked for my patients and sharing that with others. As my experience grew I felt drawn again to share what I had learned with a wider audience. In 2016 I was part of a landmark study on body image and sexual satisfaction related to cosmetic gynecologic procedures, which reaffirmed what I had seen in my own practice, validating that these procedures really do help a subset of women to have improved body image and sexual satisfaction scores.

Recently in 2018, I completed my “Menopause, Sexuality and Relationships” study which involved an extensive survey completed by over 1000 women aged 40-65, followed by in-depth interviews of willing participants. The enormous amount of data that I collected provided the fuel I needed to write the book Finding Your Sexy Self to normalize and share what we really experience in the midlife bedroom. While the book will not be published until late 2019, you can see exciting excerpts from it on my blog!

Entering my 50’s and being surrounded by similarly aged women, I became fascinated with holistic wellness, learned everything I could to become an expert in hormone replacement and started experimenting with “anti-aging” products. Not surprisingly, many products were snake oil and preyed on our vulnerability as aging women who would buy just about anything that promised the fountain of youth. As a consumer, I found the endless array of products impossible to choose from, and the whole thing seemed way too complicated. So I set out to find the “best in class” organic, plant-based hormone creams and a simple, scientifically proven line of skin care products and supplements that actually work.

This research has resulted in the AGIL Wellness line of transdermal hormones, skin care products, and supplements which I can truly stand behind and recommend for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to use 10 or more products a day. I use them myself. After researching and choosing from hundreds of potential possibilities, I narrowed them down to the few things that really make a difference, making the harrowing task of trial and error much more simple for you. 50% of the profits from AGIL Wellness benefits the AGIL Foundation which funds women’s health projects in rural Africa.

“I set out to find the ‘best in class’ organic, plant-based hormone creams and a simple, scientifically proven line of skin care products and supplements that actually work.”

AGIL Anti-Aging Product Line

The full line of AGIL Anti-Aging products

“I started coaching sessions with Dr. Susan at the perfect time in my life. I had some major changes going on that I did not quite know how to handle and was considering backing down from an amazing opportunity. Going into coaching I had a fear that I would hold myself back because I often struggle with truly opening up about what is on my mind, however, Susan was able to hear and pick out the important pieces of what I was saying which continued to open me up comfortably. She coached me through lessons that I did not even know I needed to learn and got me to the other side healthier and more prepared than I would have ever thought possible for myself. I absolutely recommend taking the opportunity to go through life coaching with her.”

Hannah E.

“Before starting my coaching sessions with Dr. Hardwick-Smith, I honestly felt I was fully satisfied with the direction of my personal and professional life. However, I did struggle to balance the two greatest loves of my life, new family vs. career. I felt stressed and spread pretty thin.   Utilizing the tools and suggestions given to me by Dr. Hardwick-Smith, I noticed my critical thinking, self-awareness, and creativity has begun to thrive and develop. I see the loves of my life in a new positive light and welcome the challenges they bring by implementing the knowledge and tools gained from each session. I am truly grateful, inspired and motivated to achieve higher levels of happiness and contentment within all aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. Thank you, Dr. Hardwick-Smith; I mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

Michelle M.

“Dr. Hardwick-Smith’s coaching has helped me take a step back and reflect, and to look at all of my accomplishments personally and in business. I feel more able to sit and appreciate and be grateful, instead of always feeling “not enough”. Her coaching showed me how to really take the time to think about what’s been holding me back in certain areas and how to put a plan together, and take action steps to pursue the changes that I want to put into place.”

Angie G.

“I was very hesitant in the beginning about what to expect from coaching. I was not sure what issues I wanted to address and was somewhat fearful of being judged. Dr. H-S was great at asking the right questions, based on my values, to get me to come out of my shell. This allowed me to see things differently and become more courageous about being myself. She quickly helped me decide what areas would best serve me with our time together and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I had previously not thought possible.”

Racheal S.

“I have been a manager in the healthcare business for over 30+ years. Dr. Hardwick-Smith’s coaching sessions were phenomenal. She helped me recognize my ‘inner critic’ and guided me to understand how to feel more confident and utilize my new found confidence in presenting during meetings. She supported my growth and development in becoming a better leader. I have changed my approach to managing and my staff are loving the new me. Thanks, Dr. Hardwick-Smith.”

Sharon B.