Step 1: AGIL Optimal Women’s Daily Vitamin 90 Vegetarian Capsules: 3 capsules daily

AGIL Optimal Women’s Daily Vitamin is a comprehensive daily multiple vitamin/mineral supplement targeting the diverse needs unique to women. In addition, three key blends were included to provide unparalleled system-specific support:

Eye Blend: Comprised of lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene, all necessary for long term eye health and to support the retina and macula when exposed to blue light emitting devices.

Longevity Blend: This powerhouse blend of NAC, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Meriva® Curcumin PhytosomeTM provides the foundational support for metabolic and neurological health as well as optimal detoxification.

Women’s Blend: Women’s bodies need balance to function properly and this blend, featuring Chasteberry, Ashwagandha, Calcium d-glucarate, L-Theanine and Cranberry Extract aims to provide all of the keys to balancing female hormones, mood, and the circadian rhythm.


• The most comprehensive multiple vitamin/mineral available today
• Active forms of B6, B12 and Quatrefolic® ((6S)-5-methylfolate, glucosamine salt)
• The bio-enhanced form of Vitamin C, Pureway C®
• Clinically validated form of Vitamin K2, MenaQ7®
• The most easily absorbed forms of Albion minerals
• Shelf stable probiotics for optimal digestive function

Step 2: AGIL Omega 3 HP-D 60 soft-gels: 2 soft-gels daily

Omega-3s have been found to reduce heart disease, reduce or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and prevent certain cancers, among other benefits. However, the standard western diet is severely deficient in these critical nutrients. AGIL Omega 3 HP-D is an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement containing 900 mg EPA and 660 mg DHA combined with high potency Vitamin D3 per serving. Optimal Omega 3 HP-D is our superior quality, lemon flavored Omega-3 formula providing 900 mg EPA and 660 mg DHA combined with 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3. The Omega-3 fish oil, in this product, is from wild caught anchovies, sardines, mackerel, and tuna. The oil is then molecularly distilled to ensure purity and stability.


• Reduces incidence of heart disease
• Reduces or slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
• May prevent certain cancers

Step 3: AGIL Optimal Cal-Mag-D3 60 tablets: 2 tablets daily

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies, making up 2% of our total body weight. It is necessary for most bodily functions and it is estimated that 80% of all American women are calcium deficient. Calcium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction (including the heart muscle), blood clotting, reducing cholesterol, enhancing the immune system, maintaining strong bones and teeth and proper sleep. Utilization of calcium depends in particular on correct phosphorus and magnesium levels. In general, we should have a two-to-one ratio of calcium to magnesium. A deficiency of magnesium decreases calcium as well as potassium levels leading to enzyme problems that can interfere with calcium metabolism.


• Calcium and magnesium work synergistically to benefit the health of the cardiovascular system
• Calcium also works together with phosphorus, and both are involved in the health of the bones
and teeth.
• Calcium aids in enhancing the immune system
• Calcium aids in reducing cholesterol

Step 4: AGIL Optimal Thyroid Wellness 60 vegetarian capsules: 2 capsules daily

Optimal Thyroid Wellness is a dietary supplement to support thyroid function and health and is a vegetarian blend of Tyrosine with herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, not found in other supplements, and includes patented ForsLean® Coleus forskohlii to support the maintenance and proper function of a healthy thyroid.


• Appetite and weight management
• Improves energy
• Improves moos
• Improves production of thyroid hormones T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine)