why it’s different

AGIL PRO Therapy can safely and effectively help restore healthy progesterone levels to support natural hormonal balance and ease the symptoms associated with PMS, (such as mood swings, breast tenderness, and water retention) perimenopause and menopause. It is especially helpful for women with an excess of estrogen or “estrogen dominance,” which occurs in the years before menopause when our ovulatory function is starting to wind down. (Progesterone is naturally produced after ovulation.) Estrogen dominance can cause a variety of symptoms including breast tenderness, heavy periods, growth of uterine fibroids, mood swings, headaches, abdominal weight gain, and water retention, to name a few.

Niacinamide also is known as vitamin B3, is a vitamin that’s essential for your health because it assists in converting carbohydrates to glucose and is necessary for the production of several sex and stress-related hormones. Getting sufficient levels of niacinamine is important to prevent vitamin B3 deficiency, which can lead to a dangerous condition known as pellagra.

Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin helps improve energy levels, mood, memory and brain function, heart health, skin texture, hair, digestion, metabolism, food absorption, and several other functions in the body. Methylcobalamin B12 is also necessary in order to reduce adrenal fatigue and improve metabolic functions that are in need of this nutrient. Enzyme production, DNA and RNA synthesis, as well as hormonal production, balance, and regulation, are some of the body activities that require Vitamin B12. The nerves and the entire nervous system also need Methylcobalamin to function. Cardiovascular health is also affected by the presence and lack of Vitamin B12.

Made in the USA with select certified organic herbs, it is formulated to bring excellent results to adult women of all ages.


key benefits

AGIL PRO Progesterone cream with Niacinamide and Vitamin B12 may help improve the lives of women with estrogen dominance by:

• Improving mood swings and sleep

• Increasing libido

• Reducing headaches including migraines

• Fighting weight gain and water retention

• Reducing breast tenderness

• Reducing heavy periods

• Reducing the growth of uterine fibroids

• Reducing the risk of uterine cancer

• Alleviating skin dryness, wrinkling, and thinning

• Niacinamide health benefits

• Vitamin B12 health benefits


how it works

One pump of AGIL PRO Therapy provides 20 mg of bio-identical USP progesterone along with optimal levels of Niacinamide and Vitamin B12 to make this the most advanced and complete Bio-Identical Progesterone cream on the market today.


directions for use

• AGIL Wellness recommends using 1-2 pumps of AGIL PRO Therapy cream daily depending on the severity of symptoms. If symptoms persist after 30 days, increase to 3 pumps daily.

• Gently massage 1/2 to 1 pump into a thin-skinned area of the body such as the neck, face, breastbone, forearms, etc. You may alternate application site. Use twice daily morning and night. For breast tenderness, apply directly to the breast. Use after bathing and allow 30 minutes before rigorous exercise or sweating.

• Menstruating Women: Begin on the 12th of your cycle. (Day 1 is the first day of your menstrual flow.) Continue through day 26, then stop. Repeat monthly.

• Non-Menstruating Women: Use for 25 consecutive days, then take a 5-day break. You may also safely use daily without a break. Repeat monthly.

• Using AGIL PRO Therapy as directed, from day 12 – 26, supports the natural hormonal rhythms of your body. If your cycles have become irregular making it difficult to know when (or if) day 12 will arrive, use it two weeks on, two weeks off. Or, you may choose to follow the directions of non-menstruating women.