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Tattoos andMotorcycles

There were two things I told myself and others they should never ever do- get a tattoo and ride a motorcycle. About a year ago, I got my...

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Dare toWrite a Book?

I guess I have been a closeted writer all of my life — and for years I knew that I had a voice developing a fresh idea yearning to...

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Making aBetter Mousetrap

Finding what’s true has always been a driver of mine. Having an idea then deeply questioning it to see if it holds up is exciting, and the idea that...

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From Heroto Host

Leadership for me has been a journey of self-discovery and trial and error as I found myself unexpectedly becoming the leader of a large, growing and highly innovative business....

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My Journeyas a Doctor

My father was a small-town General Practitioner in New Zealand where I spent my first 18 years, and ever since I can remember I was going to be a...

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