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The Three Secrets toUnderstanding Life

In the Buddhist tradition there are a lot of lists since it was an aural tradition and lists made it easy for people to remember and pass things on. One of the lists is translated as the “three marks of existence” or in other words the three things that are indisputably experienced by every human being. I have never really resonated with the common translation of these three things, which are often described as “suffering, impermanence, and not Self.” To me these particular translations felt quite dark and confusing, but on a meditation retreat last year led by Vinny Ferraro he proposed a different translation of the three truths of being human -which are that life is
Imperfect, Impermanent and Impersonal.


Tattoos andMotorcycles

There were two things I told myself and others they should never ever do- get a tattoo and ride a motorcycle. About a year ago, I got my first tattoo and bought a motorcycle in the same month. I think this used to be called a mid-life crisis. The funny thing is that nothing about it felt like a crisis. It was a letting go of old beliefs and an opening to the possibility that my old ideas were nothing more than opinions. By loosening my grip on old habits and my certainty that I was right about things, the world got a whole lot bigger and offered a whole lot more freedom for me to be the full, magnificent person that I was destined to be.



Am I the only one with low libido?

Working with a group of over 100 women at my office, and having seen thousands of women every year for 20 years in a very intimate setting, I can tell you with certainty that having low libido is the norm for American women in this age group. I am not saying that this is ideal, but simply that it is normal (if normal means common and average). Very rarely do I meet a patient in this age group who describes her libido as high.