Throughout my career, I have been honored and excited to have been invited to speak at numerous national and international medical meetings discussing research papers, surgical techniques, and various women’s health issues from a scientific perspective. While that was a fun and great experience, my passion now is in sharing my insights and experience regarding menopause, midlife sexuality and sexual “wellness” from a more holistic perspective, whether it be at a small round table discussion for women or a large keynote women’s event. It’s difficult if not impossible for me to separate physical and sexual health from spiritual health and mindfulness, as I don’t believe that one can exist without the other.

My speaking style is generally minimally rehearsed, casual, from the heart, authentic, vulnerable, humorous and interactive. Please note: I might use a few four-letter words once in a while when it feels right, and nothing is off the table when it comes to speaking about sexuality.

I also am passionate about speaking and teaching in the fields of mindfulness/self-awareness and secular meditation for both individuals and businesses and have many years of personal experience combined with training through Naropa University’s “Authentic Leadership Program”, and both the “Search Inside Yourself Leadership Group” (originating at Google) and the “Conscious Leadership Group”. I offer an 8-hour (generally 8 weeks) course for individuals or groups as large as 30 in mindfulness and self-awareness for business, including scientifically proven techniques for mindful-based stress reduction and peak performance. Through my coaching practice, I also offer one-on-one coaching in mindfulness, self-awareness, and meditation geared to the individual’s needs.