Many people ask me what coaching is, and one definition that I particularly like is “discussion-based personal development”. People invariably enter a coaching relationship seeking change, and often feel stuck or challenged with figuring out how to reach their vision, or are confused about what their vision is.

The coach’s job is to help her client see the solutions that are already there, through deep listening and asking challenging questions to encourage recognizing and breaking habitual patterns that have been less than helpful, identifying limiting beliefs and roadblocks, and creating new ways of being that lead to transformation.

As a coach I won’t tell you what to do, give advice or take the place or a psychologist, but rather will “lead from behind”, empowering you to take control of your life with the trust that only you know what is best for you, and that your aspirational future vision can become a reality when we create stepping stones that lead towards it as a coach-client team. Through developing self-awareness and personal accountability we can move from a place of feeling and acting like life is happening “to me”, to an empowered state in which the world is our ally and our lives are designed “by me”.

I received my formal training and certification as an Executive Leadership Coach through Rice University’s CoachRice program and primarily focus on coaching current and emerging female leaders in the workspace and I am certified to administer and coach individuals or groups using the EQ1-2.0 and EQ-360 tools focusing on developing emotional intelligence.

Additional Coaching Services

  • Life coaching for women with subjects surrounding life satisfaction, job transition, relationship transition, sexuality, and work-life balance.
  • Coaching female physicians and healthcare workers facing burnout or other work-related challenges.
  • Administration and Coaching using the EQ1-2.0 and EQ-360 tools for individuals and groups focusing on developing emotional intelligence
  • Coaching in mindfulness/self-awareness and meditation. I am trained in both Samatha (calming/focused breathing/concentration) and Vipassana (insight) meditation techniques and generally teach both together.

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