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The AGIL Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization which was founded to support women’s health projects in rural Africa. Having worked for many years as a volunteer surgeon and obstetrician in Sierra Leone and more recently in Malawi, I am passionate about helping women less fortunate than ourselves to have access to safe, reliable and affordable healthcare.

Currently, we are partnered with Child Legacy International in Malawi and the West Africa Fistula Foundation in Sierra Leone and I invite you to check out their websites to see their amazing work. I serve as a member on the boards of both Child Legacy International and the West Africa Fistula Foundation and can attest to their honesty, frugality, huge hearts and incredible results with very limited resources.

We also support the Tahirih Justice Center, which seeks amnesty for women who have arrived in America from third world countries after sexual trauma, slavery, or other forms of abuse. They are often fugitives, having escaped horrific conditions. I volunteer as an examining physician for Tahirih when women present with genital mutilation or other injuries that require documentation.

50% of all AGIL product purchases go directly to fund the AGIL Foundation

Please join me in sharing your gifts with women who need our help by purchasing products from the AGIL Wellness line or by donating.

Here is an example of a little girl we helped who had her genitals mutilated.

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