When considering how to summarize my story, I can certainly say that I’ve led a colorful life. How a small town girl from New Zealand ended up in Houston, Texas leading a huge Obstetrics and Gynecology practice, developing women’s health programs in rural Africa, and traveling a path that took my career into writing, speaking and leadership coaching while raising three teenagers is a mystery that makes me pretty sure that forces bigger than myself have a hand in all of it.

While parts of my story sound larger than life and reading my CV even makes me feel intimidated, those who truly know me see that everything I have ever done is guided by a genuine love of people and the deep desire for connection. Practicing as an obstetrician and surgeon invited me into the lives of others in the most intimate and connected ways possible, literally through being part of new life, and sadly at times the reality of death. Raising my own children showed me a degree of love and connection that I had never before thought possible. Helping to relieve the suffering women from other cultures brought me face to face with the reality that we are all deeply and divinely interconnected. Leading a large organization focusing on a service culture is all about love and connection as well, and learning to lead and serve our patients with love has been the primary work of my mid-life career. Competing in crazy sounding athletic activities like Ironman triathlons connected me deeply with my own inner potential, as well as that of the athletes around me. Writing, speaking, and coaching are also all based in love and connection, fueled by the desire to pass something meaningful on to improve the lives of others and reduce suffering.

“My fascination with connection no doubt exploded after years of feeling its absence, and then finally understanding the transformative power of connection in terms of a deeply intimate sexual relationship after my first marriage ended. Perhaps studying sexuality was the Holy Grail for my lifelong fascination with connection; for what greater connection exists than that of truly loving sex?”

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Finding Your Sexy Self

Awakening to the Secrets of a Vibrant, Spiritually-connected Sex Life in Menopause and Beyond

Includes the five secrets of the ‘sexually-woke’ 

As the title suggests, the results of the study, my interviews, and personal experience provide a fresh and optimistic alternative to the gloomy cultural myth that sex and intimacy naturally disappear with age.

With my clinical experience along with the study results confirmed that most women in midlife are certainly struggling with these issues, and many are feeling sexless and disconnected, a much brighter possibility is revealed in which menopause can become the gateway to an even more vibrant, sexy and connected half of life.

The Joy of Sex After 50?

I grew up in a family where even saying the word S-E-X was an offense that would get you sent to your room, which turns out is not the best strategy for stamping out sexual behaviors in teenagers. Anyone remember that early 1970's book The Joy of Sex? Somehow one of my older sisters had snagged a copy from one of her progressive friend's parents and my early sexual education happened hidden under the covers in my bedroom poring over the peculiar pencil drawings of what was intended to represent an “ordinary” 1970's couple. Visions of that chubby long-haired bearded [...]

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As a doctor, a surgeon, a certified executive leadership coach, business leader, and author I create and share practical resources for women in midlife. My passion now is in sharing my insights and experience regarding menopause, midlife and sexual “wellness” from a more holistic perspective, whether it be at a small round table discussion for women or to keynote a women’s event.

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